Estimating the cost of electricity for different homes is not as simple and straightforward as one might think.

Different factors are considered when determining the average energy charges, and with them, you can better estimate an average electric bill for a 3-bedroom house.

This guide gives more information on how to determine an average electricity bill for a 3-bedroom house, tips to save on electricity usage, and different plan options that could play a part in your energy charges.

Table of Contents

●      What is the Average Electric Bill for a 3 Bedroom House?

●      How Can I Better Determine an Average Power Bill for a 3 Bedroom House?

●      5 Ways That Could Save You Money on Your Electricity Usage

●      #1: Upgrade to a Smart Home Devices

●      #2: Use Large Appliances During Off-Peak Hours

●      #3: Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Furnace

●      #4: Utilize Window Coverings and Ceiling Fans

●      #5: Use LED Light Bulbs

●      Do Different Electricity Plans Affect a 3 Bedroom House Utility Cost?

●      Fixed-Rate Plans

●      Free Nights and Weekends

●      Month-to-Month Plans

●      Make the Switch to Gexa’s 100% Renewable Plans That are Happiness Guaranteed

What Is the Average Electric Bill for a 3-Bedroom House?

It is difficult to give a precise answer on the average electric bill for a 3-bedroom house because a “3-bedroom house” can vary in square footage and other factors that might play into how much electricity is used by the family occupying each different 3-bedroom home.

So how much electricity should a 3-bedroom house use?

In 2019, the U.S. Energy Information Administration determined that energy charges ranged from $76-$168 per month, with the average energy charge sitting at $115 in the United States.

However, this information was not specific to an electric bill for a 3-bedroom house.

To determine a more accurate energy charge, consider things like:

●      How many people live in the household

●      The square footage of the home

●      The types of appliances in the home

●      How often the appliances are used

●      How frequently the family uses technology in the home

●      The exact location of the home

How Can I Better Determine an Average Power Bill for a 3-Bedroom House?

Because 3-bedroom homes can vary in size, it might be challenging to determine an average monthly energy charge for a 3-bedroom house.

We can use the formula below to better estimate an average monthly energy charge:

(Average consumption x average rate) ÷ average square footage = price per square foot

To do this, we need some more important information:

●      The exact size of your home

●      The estimated electricity usage of the home

●      The location of your home

Know the Exact Size of Your Home

Knowing the exact size of your home is important in determining your monthly energy charges because the amount of electricity used in the home could directly correlate with the size of the home.

In 2020, a 3-bedroom home in the United States ranged from 976 square feet to over 2,600 square feet in size. The average 3-bedroom home with two bathrooms is between 1,200 and 1,400 square feet.

Assess Your Electricity Usage and Needs

The U.S.Energy Information Administration (EIA) determined that in 2019, the average monthly electricity consumption for residential customers was 877 kWh (kilowatt-hours).

This number might vary in your household depending on:

●      How many people are in your family

●      The types of appliances and electronics you use

●      How often you use your appliances and electronics

●      Your family’s lifestyle

●      Where you live

By assessing what your household’s electricity usage and needs are, you can better determine what your 3-bedroom utility cost could be each month.

Take Your Location into Consideration

Location plays a significant role in the cost of electricity due to three main factors that influence how much energy costs in specific areas:

1.     The amount of energy a supplier sells in that region

2.     The amount of energy a supplier buys from the generators in that region

3.     The charges that the local distribution networks put onto your energy supply

4.     The local climate

The EIA facts mentioned above shared that the states with the highest monthly energy charges in 2019 were:

●      Hawaii ($168)

●      Connecticut ($151)

●      Alabama ($150)

●      South Carolina ($145)

●      Mississippi ($136)

The states with the lowest average monthly energy chargers were:

●      Idaho ($94)

●      Illinois ($92)

●      Colorado ($83)

●      New Mexico ($80)

●      Utah ($76)

5 Ways That Could Save You Money on Electricity Usage in Your 3-Bedroom House

Even if your 3-bedroom house is on the higher end of the average 3-bedroom house in the United States, you could still save money on your electricity usage by making smart money-saving choices like:

●      Using smart thermostats and appliances

●      Keeping up with the maintenance on your furnaces

●      Utilizing window coverings and ceiling fans

●      Using LED light bulbs

Gexa Energy offers a variety of 100% renewable plans that can also help save you money on your electricity usage when paired with implementing these 5 tips.

#1: Upgrade to Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices could be beneficial to help save you money on your 3-bedroom utility cost.

●      Smart thermostats help minimize heating and cooling costs.

●      Smart light bulbs are long-lasting and easy to control for energy efficiency.

●      Smart plugs reduce energy costs by turning off the power supply when devices are not being used.

●      Smart hubs allow devices to work together automatically.

#3: Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Furnace

Furnaces naturally lose efficiency through wear and tear, but a lack of maintenance can play a big part in your rising energy charges.

By performing annual furnace maintenance, you can ensure your furnace is working properly and that it is clean.

With a clean air filter, you can improve energy efficiency and help save money and electricity usage.

#4: Utilize Window Coverings and Ceiling Fans

Instead of constantly running your cooling system in the warmer months, utilize your ceiling fans and window coverings.

By using ceiling fans intermittently, you can cut back on electricity usage and lower energy charges by still keeping rooms in your home cool.

Using window coverings, especially darker and thicker curtains can help block the sun from entering through the windows and warming up a room.

#5: Use LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are long-lasting and energy-efficient.

They use at least 75% less energy and last about 25 times longer than regular incandescent lighting does.

Do Different Electricity Plans Affect 3-Bedroom House Utility Costs?

Being conscious of your electricity usage and needs and making an effort to keep your energy charges down is one of the most efficient ways to better manage your utility costs.

However, the type of electricity plan you choose can also play a part in your monthly energy charges.

Gexa Energy offers different 100% renewable electricity plans that could alter your 3-bedroom house utility costs, like:

●      Fixed-rate plans

●      Free Nights or Weekends

●      Month-to-Month plans

Fixed-Rate Plans

A fixed-rate electricity plan is one that the monthly price per kWh is locked in at the start of your contract.

This means when electricity prices fluctuate, you still pay the same price per kWh each month, regardless if electricity prices are up or down.

However, remember that your electricity usage each month may differ, changing your total energy charges.

Gexa offers some different fixed-rate plan options:

●      Simply Low 12 Plan

●      EveryDay EveryNight Plan

Free Nights or Weekends

A Free Nights or Weekends plan means that your electricity usage is free during certain hours of the day. Generally, this timeframe falls in the late evening until early morning, or over the weekends from late Friday evening until early Monday morning.

Gexa Energy offers a Free 3-Day Weekends plan which allows for free electricity all day and night Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Month-to-Month Plans

A month-to-month plan could be a good option for you if your electricity usage fluctuates each month or you are on a tight electricity budget. Month-to-month plans allow you to pay as you go and remain flexible with your payments.

Gexa Energy allows you to shop for plans based on your usage, and a month-to-month plan might prove to be the best option for you.

Make the Switch to Gexa’s 100% Renewable Plans That Are Happiness Guaranteed*

Gexa’s electricity plans are 100% green and are designed to be low-cost and affordable while offering quality electricity services.

Gexa also offers a 100% Happiness Guarantee* to ensure that our customers are getting exactly what they’re looking for with their electricity plans and usage.

If you’re looking for a new electricity provider, make the switch to Gexa Energy.



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Gexa Energy purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) from renewable generation resources throughout North America to match 100% of the energy sold under your electric plan.  The RECs Gexa purchases represent the renewable attributes of power generated from a variety of renewable energy sources, including, but not limited to, the sun, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, wave or tidal energy, and biomass or biomass-based waste products, including landfill gas.