Smart Home Devices and Benefits

Every year more Americans are adopting smart home technology for their homes. Besides being convenient, home automation can also help you save money.

Woman controlling home light via mobile phone

Create a house that welcomes you home

Home energy management systems can do more than just answer questions about the weather and time. Today, you can use smart devices to turn on the oven and the lights before you pull into the driveway. Smart home technology can even monitor your house while you’re away from home.

Smart home technology allows you to automate your home with the assistance of smart products which address an assortment of needs in your home—from entertainment to energy efficiency. Using a mobile device, tablet, or computer, you can control smart products remotely.

In addition to being controlled remotely, smart products can communicate with one another, triggering each other with wireless signals. For example, apps can send commands to smart thermostats to increase or decrease the temperature in your home.

Some smart devices even adapt to your behaviors and learn your habits. After using such devices for a short period of time, they can predict your behaviors and automatically program themselves.


The smart way to save time and money

There are a variety of smart home technologies that can work together to help save energy and time. Below are some of the most popular smart home technologies.

  • Smart thermostats: These devices have been shown to help save money on cooling and heating costs. Plus, being able to control your thermostat with an app allows you to arrive home in comfort and gives you peace of mind while you’re away. The Gexa Energy Saver plan combines a great low rate with up to 2 FREE smart thermostats. Learn more.
  • Smart lighting: Although many smart lightbulbs can cost more up front, they pay for themselves by lasting longer, and are part of a smart, energy-efficient home. You can control smart bulbs to be turned off during certain hours, in case you forgot to flip the switch. You can also turn them on through an app, which is perfect for when you’re traveling or if you like to arrive to a well-lit home.
  • Smart plugs: Smart plugs, switches, and outlets connect to most in-home appliances and are incredibly convenient. They help reduce energy costs by turning off the power supply to devices when they’re not in use. Even though your device may appear off, it may still be drawing power, also known as phantom draw.
  • Smart hubs: These home automation systems become an essential convenience when you have multiple smart devices that need to work together. For example, when you open a door with a smart lock, you can trigger the living room lights to turn on at the same time. They also work with smart thermostats so when turning on your A/C, the ceiling fan will turn on simultaneously.


Make the choice that makes the difference

At Gexa, we know that investing in green energy is more than just talk. It’s good for the environment, your family and for Texas. Choosing renewable energy plans means all of us will be on our way to a cleaner, greener future.

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