Is it Important to Read Electricity Provider Reviews Before You Choose a Plan?

Reading reviews before committing to any retail electricity provider can give consumers a glimpse into how that company handles day to day operations, such as:

  • Customer service issues
  • New customer enrollments
  • Existing customer renewals
  • Technical issues
  • And more

One study showed that 88% of consumers are turning to reviews before making a purchase, but those reviews are only meaningful if they come from a trusted source. 

By reading a verified review, potential customers like yourself can get an idea of which energy providers to avoid, saving them both time and money.

Reading reviews allows you to see...

  • If a company appears reliable

  • The best and worst-case scenario

  • If quality service is being offered; and

  • The real experiences of other consumers

...before deciding if that energy provider is worth investigating further. We encourage all potential customers to read Gexa Energy reviews before making a decision.

All of the Gexa Energy Reviews on This Page Are Sourced From Verified Third Party Sources Like Google and Birdeye


We pride ourselves in our ability to service the energy needs of Texas energy consumers, which is why we’ve compiled Gexa Energy reviews from multiple reliable sources, such as Google and Birdeye. 

Our customers have left thousands of Gexa Energy reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars between the top two review websites.

Read what some of our clients have to say about our service.



Gexa Energy Reviews About Customer Service:

I must say the process of getting new service with Gexa Energy went smoothly. I was very happy and surprised by the service and the rates. I was very fortunate to get the best representative, G******** known as B****. He was awesome, professional, and very knowledgeable! This guy truly deserves employee of the month and a big raise! Thank you B**** for sharing your knowledge and for ALL your help! You are a Star! - Claudia 03/19/21

I had B**** as my customer representative. He asked some qualifying questions and explained why he was asking those questions in order to pick the plan that works best for me. He was very nice and friendly making the sign up process effortless. I had swapped from Gexa Energy to another provider (my current apartment's preferred provider) but was easily paying 40-50% more than what I had paid as a previous Gexa member. Switching back was definitely the best decision and I don't plan to look anywhere else for my energy needs. Thanks again B****! - Kyle 04/01/2021

I was helped out by B****. I didn't quite catch his last name. But he was very informative and explained everything in detail but not to the point where you were lost. He answered any questions I had too. - Raphael 02/24/21

S****** was very helpful in renewing my plan for another year. Thanks for all your help, Gexa! - Clare 03/22/21

The Service rep was competent, courteous, informative and made sure I understood the terms of the contract and service. I have always been happy with GEXA and continue to be pleased. - Jackie 03/16/21

A**** was very friendly, and had amazing customer service. Thank you so much for helping! - Mckayla 03/12/21

AMAZING customer service! Second to none. I spoke with a REAL person without the exhaustive "on hold" experience. I finally trust my electricity provider. Oh... and they saved me quite a bit of cash with my rate! Thank You Gexa!!! - Andrea 03/11/21

The customer call service was wonderful! I got my first account set up with no doubts about this service. Thank you, S*****! - Kierstin 03/10/21

S***** helped me transition my electric service to Gexa. The process was made simple with her assistance. She was knowledgeable and courteous. Thanks again - Steven 03/01/21

The representative was friendly and efficient. He answered all our questions and confirmed our understanding of the plan we chose. - Kenneth 02/23/21

Call back was a lot faster than expected. C***** was very helpful assisting with choosing the right plan. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. - Julia 02/15/21

I am pleased to provide a review for M****. He was wonderful and explained in detail. This guy definitely deserves a raise. Thank you for helping me set up my account M****. You a Rockstar :) - Nitin 02/03/21

Very knowledgeable service rep. Very responsive to my complex questions. Creative problem solver. Engaged! - Jay 01/14/21

Great service by A****. He took the time to explain the plans and educated me on average usage. Most importantly he established trust and made me feel like I was making an informed decision on my energy provider. - Clarissa 12/30/20

Z**** was very helpful and patient as I reviewed the current plans available to me upon my renewal. Their customer service is excellent! - Judy 10/06/20

Phenomenal customer service, transparency, and ease of setting up account over the phone. Really impressed and glad to have an electrical company I can call and have reliable service with. Also, the call back function is always so much better than waiting on hold. Thank you for that. - Theo 07/07/20

It was time for me to renew my account; I had the most pleasant experience with a young man; I'm older, new "stuff"; he was so patient and didn't mind explaining what I didn't understand. Give him a raise. - Kathryn 07/03/20

A wonderful company with excellent customer service. They really go the extra mile to help their customers and would strongly recommend it. - Franklin 02/18/20

I have been with Gexa for many years, renewed again today with L***** and she was very helpful. Very understanding. Pleasure to do business with and competitive rates that's why I keep coming back. - Mark 11/12/19

B****** in the Houston office was the MOST pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful person I have ever ran across in the customer service industry. She tackled an issue like a pro and I am a happy customer thanks to her. She deserves rewards, there should be more like her! - Michael 10/11/19



Gexa Energy Reviews About Enrollment:

Just called to establish new service - quick, easy and painless. Great rate too with the length of the term right where I needed it. - Gabriel 02/03/21

Just got off the phone with B*****(service rep.) and she was very helpful and answered all my questions. I am now ready to move into my new home with my new electricity service. I am very happy with the selected plan- Gexa Energy offers affordable rates and the customer service is outstanding! Looking forward to being a long-term customer! - Byron 02/06/21

A****. Thank you so much for helping me set up my service! - Melissa 01/29/21

A**** assisted me today setting up a new service. It was the fastest and smoothest new service activation I have received in the last 20 years of me living in the US. Thank you A***! - Natalia 01/19/21

B**** was awesome in helping me choose the best plan and setting it up for me as well. He was friendly and knowledgeable. Love that this company is 100% renewable energy. - Cebryna 01/11/21

Everything went quick and smoothly. The plans were well explained and I was on and off the phone in 15 minutes! - Shelbie 01/11/21

Thank you A**** For helping me set up a plan that meets my needs and having thorough knowledge of the different plans. It was fast and easy! - Ro 12/28/20

I spoke with A****. and he made the process of switching to Gexa an easy and pleasant one. He was very helpful and efficient and was clear in explaining things to me. My husband passed away last year and he usually took care of these things. I was nervous about doing it myself. I appreciate the great customer service, it made this experience a good one. - Teresa 12/16/20

A**** was very helpful to get things setup. He was knowledgeable and quickly took care of the request. - VM 12/14/20

J**** was great! He explained everything thoroughly and had my account set up within minutes! - Karen 12/07/20

The customer support was great. Account was set up very soon and did not have to wait in line at all. - Krishna 12/04/20

J*** made my switch very easy and super quick. I knew what plan I wanted and he did not try to up sell any other higher rate plan. - Angela 10/14/20

Friendly and helpful. Was able to get my service set up quickly. - Angela 02/18/20


Gexa Energy Reviews About Quality and Pricing of Plans:

I've been so happy this past year with my energy plan. The rates have been reasonable and there are never any surprises. When I called to renew my plan they were courteous and prompt. Would recommend this service provider to anyone looking to make a switch! - Joshua 02/25/21

Gexa has given me a low price per kWh for the last few years. I would recommend their 2-year fixed rate Plan. - Blanca 02/22/21

I have been with Gexa for almost 15 years! Their customer service, billing and renewals have been amazing! I just called to renew my plan and was provided a fabulous deal! I was informed that this "special" deal is only offered to existing customers. How great it is to be acknowledged as a long term customer! I'd also like to acknowledge, "B*****", who takes care of Houston and surrounding area customers. I called to renew my plan, She was the most knowledgeable Gexa customer service representative, I ever had! She was able to quickly assess my energy needs and offer a plan with an unprecedented rate plan. B****** made my year!! Thank you, B******!! Gexa treats their customers well and made me feel appreciated as a customer. I have been and will continue to be a very happy Gexa long time customer!! - Betty 02/18/21

Been with gexa for 2 years never had a problem and they have the best plans based on my needs. Even when we moved I was able to pause my service through their website and re connect at our new address. When it came time to renew my plan, the customer representative offered me their best rate plan and explained everything. - Lizbeth 01/13/21

I just signed up. It is the best rate I could find. - Margie 12/22/20

Very friendly and knowledgeable customer service agent. The rate was for sure the best I could find among all the electric companies, with no gimmicks for kwh usage. Just a flat rate per kwh plus the rate and small fee from Oncor. I'm moving to a new home so I don't know how much electricity I'll use so this plan works for me. Also I like that it’s renewable energy. - Gary 12/07/20

A***, Thank you! He provided me an even better plan and saved me 5 cents for my particular situation. Highly recommended. - Bihn 07/02/20

Knowledgeable and helpful customer service personal. Decent rates/kWh. Decent plans. - Guatam 02/27/20



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Gexa Energy purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) from renewable generation resources throughout North America to match 100% of the energy sold under your electric plan.  The RECs Gexa purchases represent the renewable attributes of power generated from a variety of renewable energy sources, including, but not limited to, the sun, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, wave or tidal energy, and biomass or biomass-based waste products, including landfill gas.