The deregulated electricity market in Texas began in 2002, allowing customers the ability to shop for a competitive electric supplier. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is at the heart of Texas’s electric system, operating the high-voltage transmission network, administering and monitoring the wholesale electricity markets, and planning for the state’s energy future.  

ERCOT at a Glance:

Manages Electricity flow to 23 million Texans

  • 85% of the electric load in Texas
  • 75% of land area in Texas
  • 40,530 miles of transmission lines
  • 550+ generation units

ERCOT does not include:

  • El Paso area
  • Texas Panhandle
  • Northeast Texas
  • Longview, Marshall and Texarkana
  • Southeast Texas
  • Beaumont, Port Arthur and the Woodlands

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