Average Price Per kWh Calculation

To calculate the average price you can expect to pay in a given month on this plan, you will need the applicable price components provided in the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for the Gexa Energy plan you have selected and an estimate of your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage.

For plans where TDU Delivery Delivery Charges are billed separately, please go to https://mygexa.gexaenergy.com/tdu-charges to find the current TDU Delivery Charges for your TDU.

Indexed Plan Price Calculation:

For an Indexed plan, you can use the price components from the EFL and the formula below to calculate the average price.

Average Price per kWh = [((Base Charge + TDU Delivery Charge per billing cycle) + (Monthly Billed Usage kWhs) x (Energy Charge + TDU Delivery Charges per kWh )) – ((Energy Charge + TDU Delivery Charges per kWh) x Weekend kWh usage)] /  Monthly Billed Usage.

For an example of how to determine average price per kWh, see below.  If you have additional questions call 1-866-961-9399.

Sample Electricity Facts label (EFL) – Average Price document


Estimated Usage: 1,200 kWh

Average Price Calculation (Excluding Taxes):

Average Price Per KWh: ((($9.95+$5.47)+(1,200 kWh) x ($0.1720 + $0.041165))-(($0.1720 + $0.041165) x (1,200 kWh x 43%))) / 1,200 kWh = $0.134/kWh