Organizations working to lower their carbon footprint have a variety of mitigation options available, including activities to reduce their direct and indirect emissions through energy efficiency initiatives, switching to green power, and purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (also known as Renewable Energy Credits or RECs).

In North America, renewable power can be purchased and managed in the form of RECs. Each REC embodies the environmental attribute of one megawatt-hour (MWh, equal to 1,000 kilowatt-hours) of renewable electricity that is generated by renewable facilities. Certain wind, solar, geothermal, low-impact hydro, and biomass facilities qualify as renewable energy. If you own RECs corresponding to the amount of power you use, you know that the same amount of power was generated at a renewable facility and delivered to the power grid.


Why buy RECs?

  • You’re not ready to make the long-term commitment for solar energy or other renewable energy generation yet
  • Building/owning onsite generation is not a viable option for your organization but you still want to reduce the emissions associated with the electricity portion of your company’s energy use
  • You have facilities in multiple states so a consolidated REC procurement strategy would be the best option to achieve renewable goals at all locations
  • Support renewable energy development, meet compliance requirements, support sustainability goals and demonstrate environmental leadership 

Our Expertise

Whether you select an onsite, offsite or community solar program, or you choose to leverage our Retail + Renewables Program, Gexa Energy can help you find the solution that achieves your financial, operational and sustainability goals. Your organization’s commitment to renewable energy can play a significant role in meeting certain ESG criteria. A company’s ESG ranking can represent its risks and opportunities profile, influence its access to capital, and demonstrate its ability to create long-term value.

As part of the Gexa Energy family of companies, the largest producer of solar and wind energy in the world, Gexa Energy is uniquely positioned to bring you expertise in solar economics, regulations, operations and technology.

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Explore More Energy Options 

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Onsite Solar

Commercial solar systems can be installed on company-owned rooftops, ground-mounted land, or erected as canopies over property  
or parking lots.


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Offsite Solar

When onsite solar isn’t an option for your organization due to the physical space available, offsite solar can be an excellent alternative for achieving your sustainability goals. 


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Retail + Renewables Program

Our R+R Program enables your organization to leverage the benefits of renewable assets (solar, wind and battery) and easily incorporate them into your retail energy contract.


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