demand-response-page.jpgOrganizations consume power every minute of every day, and electricity prices in ERCOT go up and down nearly as fast. When conditions are just right (high temperatures, unplanned generator outages, a lack of wind blowing in West Texas, or some combination of all three), energy prices can rise extremely high, and extremely fast. 

As a Gexa Energy Demand Response (DR) customer, you can earn money back by curtailing or shifting your demand for electricity during these times. 

Curtailment measures don’t need to be complex or significant, but they should be implemented quickly for fastest results. For the greatest impact and potential earnings, your existing building controls or automation processes can be combined with a real-time gateway device that provides the market-based signals required for automated responses to Demand Response events.


5 Key Benefits of a Demand Response Program:

1New Revenue Stream. – Perhaps the greatest benefit for your organization is financial. Gexa Energy provides you with market-based value when your facility curtails power.  This value can come in the form of on-bill credits or funding directly to your business account.

2. Power Reliability & Lower Prices - Reducing demand improves the reliability of the grid for everyone in Texas. Less demand means less stress on energy transmission and distribution systems, which makes them less likely to fail. And it reduces costs by eliminating inefficient generators.

3. No Upfront Costs** or Penalties - With no upfront costs for project implementation, our team of experts help you facilitate a DR program that suits your organization the best, and there is no penalty if you can’t reduce usage.

4. Interfaces with Building Management System (BMS) - Our demand response technology does the work for you and operates with your current BMS. No need to monitor the market, manually adjust building controls and hope you timed the windows just right.

5. Event Measurement and Verification – We provide regular statements that demonstrate your expected usage, your actual usage, and the value generated in the market through your curtailment.

Payment Potential

By adjusting HVAC units at the right time, some customers can earn $2,500 - $13,500 or more a year.*


How it works:

1. Gexa Energy starts by conducting an audit of your facility to see where you can reduce usage while maintaining business operations.  Depending on the complexity of your physical plant, this can be done online, over the phone, or in person, with your facility management.

2. We help you develop curtailment plans that maximize your payout and minimize risk. We assess available DR programs and identify those suitable for your curtailment strategies.

3. Where appropriate, a technology package** is then installed alongside your BMS through our DR partner, THG Energy Solutions.  Additional installation costs may apply, depending on the complexity of the physical plant.

4. When automated, and a demand response event occurs, your system will go to work for you and optimize your energy usage according to the curtailment plans in place.

5. You will be paid for reducing or shifting your facility’s demand for energy during the event. 

Gexa Energy’s Demand Response uses the proven technology of THG Energy Solutions:

  • Since 2001, over 500 deployments across commercial real estate, education, manufacturing and more
  • Works with all Building Management Systems
  • Does not override existing controls systems
  • Collects real-time meter data

We know every business situation is unique, which is why we offer a variety of options to help meet your organization’s energy and cost-reducing goals.

Demand Response Program Options:

  • 4CP Management
  • Emergency Response Service
  • Real-Time Price Response


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* Estimated payment calculation based on a 1MW customer with a 50% load factor and reducing between 10% and 30% of electricity load during DR event. Actual payment potential determined following site connection. Payments are indicative and subject to market movement.

** Technology package provided with no upfront cost for installed controller and requires a 2-year contract term. Installation performed by Gexa Energy or customer authorized installer. Additional eligibility requirements, terms and conditions may apply.

Gexa Energy Solutions, LLC is a subsidiary of Gexa Energy LP and NextEra Energy, Inc. ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects within Gexa Energy’s service territories are conducted by Gexa Energy Solutions.