Gexa Energy’s Market Index products allow businesses to purchase their commodity based on either a Day-Ahead Index basis or a LMP Index (Locational Marginal Pricing) basis. This product is for businesses with the appetite to float on an index rate with the goal of making better buying decisions in the wholesale and technological markets as opportunities present themselves

How Market Index Pricing Works

  •  The Local Marginal Pricing Index fluctuates up and down every hour of the day
  •  Each hour your usage is determined and then multiplied by the applicable index rate  

Risk Level

  • Day-Ahead Index is a little less volatile than the LMP, but typically costs more over time
  •  LMP Index presents the most price volatility, but typically costs the least over time

Product Overview


Our Market Index product is based on the day-ahead or real-time index market, which vary in price every hour or the day.


  • Ultimate flexibility to make more informed purchases as future opportunities present themselves
  • Commodity rate based on ISO published index prices (absolute transparency)


Up to 96 months or longer for credit approved customers


Price volatility risk is high


  • Flexibility to purchase wholesale blocks or new technological products as better future opportunities present themselves
  • Flexibility to potentially convert to Fixed Price product
  • The ability to take advantage of falling market prices
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to changing markets
  • Expert input and information from your Gexa Energy representative about the best times to hedge future index price risk and/or purchase advanced technology

Depending on your energy buying risk tolerance, a market index energy plan may not be ideal if your risk tolerance is low. In that case, our Energy Optimization Approach and/or Managed Product may be a better fit.


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All Commercial products are subject to specific terms and conditions in applicable customer agreements. Certain components of Fixed Price products may fluctuate, and certain changes may be separately billed or passed through to customer, including utility charges and taxes. Gexa Energy makes no representation or warranty as to actual product prices or the direction, trend, movement level or range of product prices, wholesale or retail electricity or natural gas prices, and customer is relying on its own judgment and upon advice from advisors as it deems necessary, and is solely responsible for determination of its risk tolerance for any product and its decision to purchase any product and related risks. No communication--oral, written or electronic--from Gexa Energy will be deemed to be representation, assurance or guaranty as to the expected service or performance of any product. Gexa Energy operates through various affiliated entities.