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Texas Facts


  • Capital City: Austin
  • Nickname: Lone Star State
  • State Bird: Mockingbird
  • State Flower: Bluebonnet
  • State Song: “Texas Our Texas”
  • State Tree: Pecan
  • Top 5 fastest growing cities in Texas
    1. Houston
    2. Austin
    3. Dallas
    4. Fort Worth (#8 in the US)
    5. San Antonio (#10 in the US)
  • Population (2014): 26,956,958; Rank: 2 of 50
  • Admission to Statehood: December 29, 1845 (28th State)
  • Area: 268,601 sq. mi. (695,674 sq. km.), 2nd
    • Land: 261,914 sq. mi. (678,355 sq. km.), 2nd
    • Water: 6,687 sq. mi. (17,319 sq. km.), 9th
    • Coastline: 367 mi. (591 km.), 6th
    • Shoreline: 3,359 mi. (5,406 km.), 7th
  • Governing Document: Texas Constitution, 28th State

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Texas State Agencies


Texas Weather

(source: U.S. Climate Data)

If you’re after good weather, you found it. Texas is in the top 3 states with the best year-round weather. But it’s a big state and can be snowing up in the panhandle while it’s nice and warm along the border.

Averages for our capital city, Austin, look something like this:

Annual High Temp: 79.8°

Annual Low Temp: 59°

Average Temp: 69.4°

Average Rainfall: 34.2”

Days per year with Sunshine: 229

Days per year with Snow: Maybe a day.

To learn about the weather in your new city, visit the U.S. Climate Data web site.

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