We make moving easy!

Gexa Energy can help make your move a little smoother with useful tips and information you'll need to get started. From choosing a moving company to advice on packing - and everything in between - we're sure you'll find moving tips that get you going. Download our week-by-week moving checklist to make your move smooth!

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Moving Tips

Choose Your Moving Company - There are a lot of ways to get your home moved, from big moving companies to renting a U-Haul. You'll need to decide how you're going to make the move about 8 weeks before you go.

Clean House - Give away, sell or recycle. Consider throwing out or donating items that you have not used in the last year or have a garage sale. Whatever you do - don't take it with you.

Change Your Address - About 6 weeks out, you'll need to let people know you're moving.

  • Change your address with your banks, credit card companies, magazines, and other companies you do business with.
  • Update your information with your doctors, schools, accountants, and other professional services.

Plan Ahead - Set up all your utilities at least two weeks in advance. But if you forget to set up your electricity, Gexa Energy can get your power turned on within one day in most cases*. (Your utility may charge a fee for a same-day move-in.) Request a same-day move in now or schedule your service start date ahead of time*.

Don't Forget Fido - Consider checking your pet into a "doggy daycare" facility or finding a friend to care for them the day of your move. But don't leave your four-legged friend behind -- remember to pick them up before you pull out. If you’re moving across the country and plan to fly with your pet on an airline, you’ll need to make arrangements many weeks in advance.

Packing Tips

Color Code - When packing your belongings, color code your boxes to a designated room in the new house. In your new home, put a matching sticker on the door to each room so your movers or friends know where to put your boxes.

Keep it Clear - Put the things you need right away in clear storage boxes for easy identification and retrieval. 

Pack a Bag - Make sure to keep at least one bag with all your essentials (toiletries, medications, important documents, a change of clothes, etc.) with you. If there's a delay in your moving truck, you’ll be happy to have these items, and you won't have to start unpacking the minute you arrive in your new home.

Packing Supply Checklist - Having the supplies you need on hand will make packing go more smoothly. Check with your mover to see if they provide specialized materials such as boxes with dividers for dishes or hanging bars for clothing.

Some of the things you’ll need include: Cardboard boxes; packing materials such as newspapers, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam; moving blankets; permanent markers; colored stickers; packing labels; packing tape; duct tape; stretch wrap; 1 quart and 1 gallon plastic bags; heavy-duty garbage bags; rope.

Power Your Move

In addition to making your move a little easier, we can make choosing your electricity plan a breeze. In just a few steps you can sign up for a plan that’s right for you. 

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*Requests processed after 2:00pm (CST) will be connected the next business day, weather permitting. Depending on utility, one-day service may be offered Monday through Friday, weather permitting, where an existing meter is in place. No weekend or holiday connections. Enrollment and permit requirements must be met before a request can be processed. Additional charges and advance meter requirements may apply.

Gexa Energy purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) from renewable generation resources throughout North America to match 100% of the energy sold under your electric plan.  The RECs Gexa purchases represent the renewable attributes of power generated from a variety of renewable energy sources, including, but not limited to, the sun, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, wave or tidal energy, and biomass or biomass-based waste products, including landfill gas.