Sharing is Good. Saving is better!

You made a smart decision when you chose Gexa Energy, and here's another good reason to tell your friends and family about it.

Friends talking about saving money.


Earn bill credits every month

When you enroll in our Share & Save Customer Referral Program, you'll earn a $5 credit on your bill each month for up to a year for each new customer you bring onboard with us.  And your friends save too...with a one-time $25 credit they'll see on their bill 60 days after becoming a new Gexa Energy customer.


So enroll in the Share & Save Customer Referral Program today! The sooner you enroll, the sooner you can share the benefits.

Enroll Now!

This program is valid for residential customers only. You must be an existing residential customer in order to refer friends and family; and the friends and family you refer cannot be currently enrolled in any Gexa Energy plan or have had any other service with Gexa Energy within the 6 months prior to enrollment. We reserve the right to discontinue our referral program at any time without notice, provided that we will honor any referrals we receive through such date.