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What is Performance Contracting?

Performance contracting is a professional service that provides design, construction, performance verification and financing of projects which are guaranteed to save energy and operating dollars. These projects require no up-front cash from our customers and can provide significant positive cash flow to their budgets over time.  The process depends upon working with the right partner in order to develop a collaborative team that will help establish and achieve our customer’s specific goals.

While projects all have the primary goal of energy and operational cost savings, our process is scalable and can be customized to address various areas of concern, such as:

  • Improving occupant comfort
  • Improving lighting quality and reliability
  • Replacing failing/aging equipment
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Reducing GHG emissions
  • Implementing on site renewables
  • Using off credit financing options
  • Obtaining the best energy commodity pricing  

Why we are different

Gexa Energy Solutions understands energy from production to end use as well as financially efficient ways to implement on site renewable energy. Our parent company is one of the largest producers of wind and solar energy in the world. Being sustainable is part of our DNA.  This holistic view of energy provides a unique perspective to our customers. We don’t manufacture HVAC equipment or controls or lighting. That means we provide solutions that our customers can trust. We aren’t only trying to sell products. We are truly a professional services provider, not a vendor.  Our customers can depend upon us to be their energy advisor.

Our Process

Our turn-key process provides value at each step and we emphasize and insist on collaboration. While our team provides years of operational and engineering expertise, no one knows their facilities better than our customers and their staff.  Our process involves them in all phases so that recommendations for improvement stem from a shared understanding of all the issues involved. We go beyond reports and recommendations, we implement solutions they can trust and we verify that these solutions produce results. Our process follows these steps:

  1. Investigate – we use utility data, field observations, staff interviews and summary data to provide a preliminary summary of findings which include a list of potential opportunities to save money and to help improve facilities
  2. Prescribe – once we have determined together that moving on to the next step is appropriate, we develop a detailed summary of each cost reduction recommendation, develop cost and savings estimates, and establish specific goals
  3. Price – armed with specific information regarding the cost reduction measures and having gained our customer’s input on the scope of the final project we complete a full scope of work and establish a cost for the implementation of the project as well as the guaranteed savings associated with the specific measures
  4. Implement – our construction management team manages the construction from beginning to end including working with you to select the appropriate sub-contractors for your facility
  5. Verify – our performance assurance team provides proof that the installed project meets the established goals.     


Gexa Energy Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of Gexa Energy LP and NextEra Energy, Inc. ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects within Gexa Energy's service territory are conducted by Gexa Energy Solutions.