Save 10-15%+ on heating and cooling? It's a breeze.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) accounts for over 30% of a typical business’ electricity spend. Get the potential to save with a demand-response solution powered by Gexa Energy Solutions and the award-winning PACE+PACE Cloud smart grid suite. Help your HVAC systems run more efficiently - with no drop-off in performance.

It’s simple, it’s smart, it’s easy to get up and running.

  • A smartphone-sized module installed on each of your existing HVAC units monitors conditions and performance and delivers instructions to unit.
  • Potential to reduce energy costs 10-15%+ without affecting the comfort of employees and customers.
  • Start with a free, quick, no-obligation project outlook. Click the button and answer a few questions about your system. We’ll respond, usually within 48 hours, with a look at your project and how demand response fits your business.
  • Ruggedly designed, minimal-maintenance solution works with most building systems - networked or not.
  • Look forward to increased system life - PaceControls’ PACE+PACE Cloud suite applies optimized algorithms that can help postpone replacement.
  • No matter what size your business, potentially reduce your carbon footprint almost effortlessly.

Give the go-ahead. And watch us go to work.

Installation is fast - usually within 3-7 business days - without disrupting your operations. We manage the whole project, start to finish.*

See real-time system performance.

You’ll get access to your own ControlComm portal with detailed, real-time information about air conditions and system energy use. Get info that can help you catch HVAC problems before they result in costly downtime. You can always opt out of the demand-response testing participation at any time.

Learn more about our Demand Response Program and the products we offer.

You’ll have partners that are tried and true.

Gexa Energy Solutions is a wholly owned division of NextEra Energy, named to Fortune’s 2015 list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.”** Our family of companies has more than 25 years of experience working with critical customers on performance contracts, upgrading lighting and mechanical systems.

PaceControls: PaceControls is a Department of Energy-funded developer of award-winning patented and patent-pending energy efficiency/smart-grid retrofits. Vetted in more than 70 trials since 2005, Pace+Pace Cloud systems are doing the job in more than 18,000 locations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies.

It couldn’t be easier to potentially save 10-15% on cooling and heating electricity costs. Just click or call 1-855-639-8111 (M - F, 8am - 5pm CST), answer a few questions, and we’ll take it from there –no cost or obligation.