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Save Energy and Cut Costs

Gexa Energy ControlComm employs predictive analytics, complex algorithms, and a physics-based understanding of the grid to give you the ability to “see” potential peak grid events and control consumption– all from a single interface.

The result?  You can more easily save energy, cut costs and generate real value using three effective Gexa Energy programs:

Reduce usage during peak periods this summer and save money all year - 4 Coincident Peak Curtailment (4CP)

By reducing electricity usage during any or all of the four 15-minute intervals of ERCOT’s peak events during the months of June, July, August and September, you avoid using electric power when the market is experiencing peak demand for power.  We provide you with daily notifications highlighting the probability of a peak event for the month.  We also provide detailed charts and customizable historical usage tools to help you make the best decisions about your power consumption during 4CP forecasted events and beyond.

Who is this program for?  Customers with interval meters subject to 4CP based transmission charges by their transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP), and with a peak load in excess of 100 kilowatts (kW).

What are the benefits?  Cost reductions via TDSP charges, close energy usage monitoring and real-time customizable historical usage analysis.

More information on the 4CP products >

Get paid for being on call- Emergency Response Service (ERS)

With ERS, Gexa Energy will bid into the ERCOT program on your behalf for periods running from February through May, June through September, and October through January.  We pay you based on the clearing price of the ERS bids accepted.  Payments/credits will be made to participants that bid their load into the program even if and ERS event does not occur, and no curtailment is required.  If the bids containing your load are not cleared by ERCOT, there is no participation and no obligation.

Who is this program for?  Customers with smart meters and loads typically in excess of 100 kilowatts (kW) who have the flexibility to respond with a 10 or 30-minute notification period.

What are the benefits?  Payments for successful participation in the program, optional automation for controlling equipment and generation, and real-time customizable historical usage analysis.

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Real-Time Price Response (RTPR)- Make the market work for you

Gexa Energy will declare a Real-Time Price Response event when market prices are expected to be greater than a target price for one hour or more.  Prior to the event we will notify you of the expected start time, duration, and expected range of market prices.  You decide whether to reduce energy usage accordingly.  Energy management tool, Gexa Energy ControlComm, helps you make the best decisions to help increase savings without impacting operations.

Who is this program for? Customers with smart meters on a fixed price contract looking to generate value from rising market prices.

What are the benefits?  Credits on bills for successful participation in events, optional automation for controlling equipment and generation, and real-time customizable historical usage analysis.

More information on the RTPR products >


Gexa Energy Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of Gexa Energy LP and NextEra Energy, Inc. ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects within Gexa Energy's service territory are conducted by Gexa Energy Solutions.