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What is Demand Response?

Gexa Energy Solutions offers a diverse offering of solutions that can be combined to offset your combined energy costs. A demand response program compensates customers for changes in their power consumption due to changes in power prices, incentives, and/or when the system reliability of the grid is threatened. Demand response products and services provide the opportunity to replace the need for additional generation resources on the grid by responding to signals during high peak demand.  Customer's power consumption changes can help them save money and customers participating in demand response programs can get paid for their flexibility.  

How can we help?

Gexa Energy Solutions offers several programs that enable  our customers to get paid to reduce their power usage and, depending on the program, they may get paid to be on standby—whether called on to reduce consumption or not.  

We develop automation routines for our customers that have the ability to reduce their power usage. We also help our customers leverage backup generation so they can participate in programs that help save money and potentially generate payments. The value to the typical customer ranges from $1,000 to $30,000 per MW year depending on the market and program mix selected.

Our Products

Gexa Energy offers three demand response programs to our commercial customers. These value-added services are designed to help you generate value by curtailing the load at one or more of your facilities. We strategically determine where savings can be realized, and pass the benefits on to you.

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Gexa Energy Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of Gexa Energy LP and NextEra Energy, Inc. ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects within Gexa Energy's service territory are conducted by Gexa Energy Solutions.